Wuyi University (WYU), founded in 1985, is located in Jiangmen City (a well-known hometown of the overseas Chinese), in the western part of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province.

The area of Jiangmen in close proximity to Hong Kong (2.5 hours by boat or by bus), Macau (1.5 hours by boat or by bus) and Guangzhou (1.5 hours by bus), with a weather warm and rainy throughout the whole year ( about 22℃ averagely ), is rich in humanity landscape and unique tourism spots such as "the world cultural heritage" Diaolou and Villages in Kaiping. It's the birth-place of a lot of great intellectuals in Chinese history, as well as that of several schools of Chinese martial arts like Choy-Lay-Fut Boxing which has fans all over of the world.

As the only full-time comprehensive university in the area, the campus of WYU lies in the center of the city, neighboring the East Lake Park, within 15 minutes'walk to the shopping mall, supermarkets, Yacca Hotel (five stars), gyms, cinemas and hospitals, occupying a land area of over a thousand mu (around 67 hectares) and the floor space amounting to 400 thousand square meters, with all necessary facilities, such as a bank, a post office, a bookstore, hotels, canteens, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and so on. It has a library with a collection of 400 thousand books, 16 highly equipped labs, a computer center with more than 1300 computers of different kinds, and an audio-visual center. Since January of 1996, the campus network has linked itself with CERNET and INTERNET and has covered the whole university.

At present, WYU has got 12 schools and departments, 34 majors with over 10000 registered full-time undergraduates and 13 Master Degree disciplines with more than 300 graduate students. It also has a competent staff of over 600 members, of which 60% are professors, associate professors or specialists with senior academic titles and 77% have Doctor's Degree or Master's Degree. A number of well-known scholars and celebrities from home and abroad have been conferred honorary professors or guest professors.

Approved by the State Education Commission, WYU became one of the first schools authorized to receive international students in 1993. From then on, it has recruited more than 300 long-term or short-term international students from over 20 countries and areas, such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Arab, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam etc. To improve the research and teaching abilities of International Chinese, the Department of International Chinese has been founded in 2004. And the new International Center of Chinese language & Culture has been set up in order to provide a more qualified environment for Chinese language and culture studying.

Our energetic team is composed of excellent teachers from the faculties of the School of Chinese Language & Literature, the School of Foreign Languages & Literatures, the Department of Arts, the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of P.E, and the highly effective office staff from the Foreign Affairs Office. The Center has more than 20 full-time and part-time professional teachers, 3 of whom have over-20-year-long experience and 5 have been accredited to the post of long-term Chinese teachers at government expenses sent to foreign countries bythe Chinese Language Council International and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

There are necessary facilities for you to study Chinese language and culture in the friendly environment on campus. We welcome Chinese learners from all over the world who are willingly to share their joys in Chinese study with us.