Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has 1 campus: New Campus . The accommodation fee range is from 1200.00 person/year to 1200.00 person/year. You can book different types of rooms in Southern University of Science and Technology online on CUCAS easily.

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Southern University of Science and Technology's  accommodation fee is range from RMB 600 to 1500 per month per person(All equipped with bath room, AC, telephone line, internet service).

The residential college is a core part of all-round education of SUSTech, endeavors to promote students’ growth in acknowledgment, emotion and sociality etc. and provides students with a full range of learning and colorful interesting activities out of classrooms. The residential college spares no efforts in building a teacher-student community with close relationship and interactive communication for students and tutors of different grades and majors.  The residential college centers at student apartment, several blocks of apartment buildings and related support facilities compose an academy, and the residential colleges have their own names, cultures, traditions, activities and non-official education program, tutoring and consultation and interest clubs. Newly recruited students can join any academy of SUSTC based on characteristics of academies. After entering, the academy assigns a tutor to each student. The tutor is a full-time professor of SUSTC to provide consultation opinions on learning and living at college.  There are 6 residential college now.

The dean responsibility system is applied in residential college. Each academy invites famous professors to act as director of the residential college, affiliated with residential college office to manage daily affairs.



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