Soochow University

MBBS in English


Entry Requirements

  1. The student must have graduated from a senior high school.
  2. The average score of examinations in high school was more than 70%.
  3. The student is able to pursue the study in English and is ready to learn Chinese.
  4. The student had good performance during high school study and has good adaptive capacity.
  5. The student is able to bear all the costs of studying (tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, etc.) by himself/herself.
  6. The student has a good health condition.
Your Chance to Get Admitted

Basic Information

·Starting Date : Apr 30 , 2017
·Duration: 6 Years
Teaching Language : English
Application Deadline: Jun 30 , 2017
Tuition : RMB 32,500 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 75 (Non-Refundable)
Service Fee: USD 50 (Non-Refundable)
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