University President ScholarshipBACK

I. Eligibility  

1. Applicants must be registered in Sichuan International Studies University.

2. Applicants must abide by the laws and decrees of China and comply with rules and regulations of Sichuan International Studies University.

3. Applicants must do a good job in studies and behaviors.  

4. Applicants are not recipients of any other scholarships at the same time.

II. Application Time

The application time for this semester is from May 9, 2018 to May 18, 2018.

III. Scholarship Coverage

President Scholarship is divided into the first-class prize, the second-class prize and the third-class prize.

the first-class prize: 4000 CNY per student per semester;  

the second-class prize: 3000 CNY per student per semester;  

the third-class prize: 2000 CNY per student per semester.