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Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce (SLUC) is a well-known local university which excels in business-related courses. Dr. Shu Lun Pan, who is known as the "father of modern Chinese accounting", established Lixin in 1928. Since then, Lixin has developed in all dimensions covering the range from business administration, economics, science, law to arts subjects. Besides, we can never emphasize too much the strength of our accounting and finance programs. So far, Lixin has 13 schools and research institutes, which offer 22 undergraduate programs and an auditing graduate program to more than 10,000 students including overseas students.    

Over its more than 80 years of educational experience, the University boasts its unique feature in its educational operation---Three-in-One Mode, combining its application and research in teaching activities. The University, thus, consistently maintains the tight link with Shu Lun Pan Public Accountant’s Firm and the university-affiliated publishing house, and helps both faculty and students gain experience in academic research and field study.

This university is well on its way to become more open and international. Some well-tailored programs for international students including degree programs, language and culture programs and the visiting and exchanging students programs are offered in the university. All these programs serve as the platform for an intersection of different cultures. We look forward to welcoming you to Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce where you will join a community of friends and discover a world of opportunities.

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