• Accommodation is available in Shandong Jianzhu University.
  • Accommodation in campus should book in advance
  • Notes:
  • The amount of accomodation is enough, so all students can be guaranteed to live in campus.
    Living outside campus is not allowed.
    All students will be arranged at the Main Campus (Liu Yuan Apartment).
    The accomodation fee should be paid in cash for 3 months in one time, after arrival.
    Check in during working hours and contact in advance by phone, if there is special situation.
    Applicants can not live in dorm before registration.
    The tuition, accomodation fee and the other fees should be paid in cash.
  • The accomodation fee contains the utilities fee.
  • There is a public bathroom in the apartment, which can offer students for bathing and 24h hot water.
  • There is a public kitchen which contains the refrigerator and stoves and students can only use hotplate in it.
  • The apartment only offers air conditioner/ heating and doesn't offer bedcloths which can be bought in RMB 490/ per set.
  • There is not campus hotel in the school.

Main Campus

Including furniture, heating, washing machine, TV, telephone, bathroom, and network. 

At least 3-month housing fee should be paid for accommodation in advance.

Other fees should be paid by students, such as the text books, medical fee, food and so on. 

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