Accommodation Details

On campus accommodation for overseas students is provided at the International Dorm. International Dorm offers shared kitchens, laundry rooms, electronic reading room (free internet), and a gym and multi-function hall. All rooms are equipped with telephone, television and Internet access, as well as desks, closets, air-conditioners and private bathrooms and showers.

Note: Overseas students are given free electricity of 100 kWh per month, and short-term students should pay accommodation fee by month.

Meals: On campus students can cook in the shared kitchen and can eat at any of the student cafeterias, paying with an electronic meal card. The monthly cost for food is about RMB 750 per person.

Accommodation Fee
Long-term Programs
Single Room RMB 8,778-11,000 Per Semester
Double Room RMB 3,591-5,000 Per Semester
Short-term Programs
Single Room RMB 120-160 Per Day
Double Room RMB 60-80 Per Day