Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College has two campuses both in Beijing. The main campus is in 69 Qibei Road, Changping District. There are Apartment for International Students in both two campuses, the accommodation’s price is RMB 20-240 a day.

Deposit money for accommodation (refundable upon graduation):

RMB 800 for Long-term program students, Long-term program(from six weeks to one semester) students, Long-term program(less than six weeks) students and Group(no less than 20 students) students. There is no deposit money for accommodation for Short-term study tour(summer camp) students.

Huilongguan Campus

Huilongguan Campus No.69 Qibei Road, Changping District, near Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, North China Electric Power University, northem Institute Of Business Management.

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